Paragliding Frequently Asked Questions

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How long is the flight time?

Depending on the weather conditions, the approximate flight time takes 25 minutes.

Do you have a spare parachute?

A spare parachute is a must-have item for anyone flying. There is a spare parachute within the limits for two-person flights. The backup parachute stays tied at the common point that we call the scale, where both the pilot and the passenger are connected. It is thrown under pilot control.

Is there a weight and height limit for flying?

Since the weight a parachute can carry is limited, the weight of our pilots and their passengers is carefully matched with the weather conditions in mind. Although the maximum weight limit is 105 kilograms, this limit may vary according to the form level of our passenger.

Is there an age limit to fly?

People of all ages can join paragliding tandem flights. In general, people from the age of 5 to 90 years old fly.

How should I dress?

What you should wear is comfortable clothing and a sturdy pair of shoes (like sneakers).

What should I take with me for the flight?

It is useful to have sunglasses with you during the flight during the summer months. In addition, you can take water with you.

Will any experience be needed to fly?

Our passengers do not need any special training to fly. Before the flight, experienced pilots will give you a briefing and will tell you what to do during takeoff and landing. Moving together during takeoff, you will meet the sky in a few steps. Enjoy your flight with all our examiners.

How long is the paragliding season?

The flight season is formed according to the weather conditions. Our flights continue in the winter. However, flights cannot be made due to the effect of snowfall, rain and strong winds. It is useful to confirm the weather conditions before making a flight plan.


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